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an email to my mother...

hey everybody
the following is an email to my mother regarding a project i'm helping her with(it's my day off, and i like doing artsty/craftsy stuff, and i don't spend enough time with my parents)... i just bought some records from a thrift store for her to use as chargers(like a place mat, but not) at a party. the theme is "shake it up" and they settled on mostly elvisy stuff... so i thought it'd be cool to make a stencil of elvis up on his toes with the guitar slung on his back to put on the records/chargers(the records are mostly italian opera singers, so that's not very elvisy)... this image is hard to find. the email is below. i'll label it "email"

hey mom
i've been looking for 30 minutes, and i'm still not reallllly happy with any of the ones i've found.

it's like elvis's ghost is hiding in the internet making sure no-one gets to use any of the good pictures of him for interesting stuff... which is absurd, because as we all know, the internet is only a place that really bad people go when they die and become ghosts. well, after they spend 20 *weeks* in solitary confinement with the not-so-great lampshade... at least that's what it says in the Good Book(it was originally a cookbook, but "the amazing homeless johnathon" translated the readings between the lines for all true believers. side note about the amazing homeless johnathon; he was named johnathon because his name was john and he loved to compete in distance running events.) , you can believe that if you want to.

*yes, they use the Gregorian calendar in the afterlife, not to be confused with the "gregarian" calendar which is only used by boyscouts, and anyone in the military or post office.. yes, the afterlife has a post office and military, the reason for this is yet to be explained by "the great peanut butter and nanner sandwich in the sky(trademark pending)"*




http://upload.wikimedia.org/wikipedia/en/3/3c/Elvis_statue.jpg HAHA the one i like the outline of the most so far is a bloody statue!

after reading this message backto myself, i realized that A) i really need to hit my keyboard harder on the first go, so i don't have to insert spaces into messages after the fact and B) i must be in a writing mood today, because i just let it fly on this one....

http://www.elvisphotos.com/images/gallery/large/01173_lg.jpg this one's ok...


i hope these give us something to dig through... i've got a writing meeting at 5, so i'll be out until about 9ish, and then i'll come home... if any of these suit your catfancy or your regular fancy, i'll get right on turning it into a stencil. also, i think i have a single cassette of "shake it up" by the cars... i haven't seen it in a while, because i've had a cd player in my car for so long, but that'd be kinda cute/funny.

ok, email over.
buy buy

ok, post over.
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