jasonfifi (jasonfifi) wrote,

fuck nbc.com

i am not a demanding man. i do not complain at restaurants, and when i walk out of a movie, i do not ask for my money back unless it's within the first 20 minutes of the movie. this is just how i am. i'm laid back like that, i guess.

but seriously, fuck nbc.com. the following is a written transcript of a fictionalized account of my recent dramatization of my imaginary interaction with an inanimate object.

"hey, look how awesome we are. we'll play the office for you jason, because you missed it because you had to work. you won't even have to download it on bit-torrent, and you can watch it now, even though that nerd on youtube only uploaded 1/5 of it, won't that be great?"

yes nbc.com, thank you so much. i love you so much for doing that for me. i won't even mind sitting through the same mazda commercial with stupid music over and over again. thanks again, nbc.com.

"oops, sorry jason. it appears that we're going to stall every 2 minutes for 3 minutes at a time and then you'll have to watch more commercials every time i start playing again. it's actually a funny story. our IT guys say they did it on purpose, just to fuck with you."

oh. ok. that explains why it's taken me 30 minutes to get to the first scheduled commercial break in the damn show. i appreciate you making the only show on t.v. that i'm watching along with the t.v. watchers right now, but could you not give me t.v. blue-balls in the future?

"no, we'll do it again next week if you give us half a chance."

and scene.

what do you think? i'm thinking about entering it in some festivals...

on to a real post, i suppose.

i'm planning on staying up all night tonight in order to reset my internal clock. i need to start getting up earlier, and i can't do that when i can't fall asleep until 6 or 7 in the morning. so i'm going to insure that i will be EXHAUSTED when i get home from work tonight by not going to bed until then.
i might post again.
buy buy
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