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i quit at starbucks last week, and this week was my first week at guitar center...

i was hired to do sales in keyboards/recording, and drums. most of my time has been spent in drums. yesterday was my first day of sales, and i was #1 salesman on the floor; today was my second day of sales and i was dead last by a few dollars. sales is a weird game. yesterday, i picked out people that looked like they weren't going to buy, and it paid off. today, i picked out people that looked like they weren't going to buy, and their spending habits more closely resembled their appearance of apprehension. i sold a drumset to a kid at close, but he'd been in the store keeping me away from other customers since 2 hours before my lunch break.

sales is a roller-coaster ride of emotion, and when you're down, it would appear that the best thing to do is just to try again the next day. this is why old men have trite sayings; sales. my grandpa was in sales(until he became a lobbyist... which is still sales) and he mostly had really funny sayings/jokes/etc. but also had a lot of "when you're down, you've got to get back up" stuff.

working in sales is like wrestling a pregnant alligator. just when you think you've finished it off, there's a whole 'nother problem to attend to.

sales is like rape. i think that one's self explanatory.
buy buy
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