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it's not official, but it's hot, so i'm going to consider it summer. i'm wearing cut-off leisure suit pants, and a t-shirt and baseball cap, and i cleaned the house a bit and now i'm listening to the talking heads.

it's officially summer for me. i'll wait while everyone else catches up.

austin and i have been recording. it's nice to have stuff to work on in a solid way again.

oh shit, there's an HP ad on livejournal, and the tagline's "plug in to HP" and it has an orange amp but instead of "orange" it says "lovers." i wonder if they paid for that? it's a very distinctive looking amp, and it's not like it could be some other orange head or something. using a guitar that looks too much like a strat/tele/les paul or whatever in an ad can get you slapped with a cease and desist quickly, fastly, and in a hurriedly, so i wonder what's going to happen with that.

i think i want to go to a doctor and get an adderall prescription. my thoughts have been way way way jumpy lately, and it's starting to affect my work. i don't like to practice anymore, and when i record/mix/master, it's like i just want to get something workable, rather than something amazing. i dunno. does anyone have experience with this kind of stuff? what do you suggest? are drugs expensive? i've never been on drugs before, so i'm a bit worried about even trying anything.

buy buy
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