jasonfifi (jasonfifi) wrote,


i have decided to do a series of lists. this is the first. it is titled "things that would be required as components in the rube goldberg device i'm building that will perform my hypothetical suicide for me."

1 grade A jumbo egg.
2 cloistered nuns.
an electric cook-top.
3 copies of "thriller."
a road flare.
seven egg-timers.
a guillotine.
144 ping-pong balls arranged in a helix.
a king james bible.
3 dominoes.
a gas cook-top.
4 ball bearings(the size of which will be unimportant).
19 camel cigarettes.
a 2 liter bottle of soda pop.
the rear suspension units from no fewer than four 1992 honda civic hatchbacks.
a lunch pail.
an empty 40 oz. bottle.

there will be more lists in the future.
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