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long entry.. happy birthday steph.


i sometimes run into people that've never had a shitty job. they usually try to have empathy, but they don't really understand what it's like. they say things like "yeah, well, i guess that's life." or "so, why don't you just get a new job?" they don't understand that it took a while to get the shitty pay you're getting from the shitty job up from what it used to be which was even shittier. they don't understand that without the shitty job, you wouldn't be barely scraping by; you'd be not barely scraping by... which is a lot worse.

i always like to look on the bright side, though.

the best thing about shitty jobs is the never ending supply of "whoa, did that guy just really say that?" moments. i don't like to exaggerate, unless it makes something i'm saying substantially funnier, and this next statement could not possibly be made funny by any amount of exaggeration.

i hear the new craziest thing i've ever heard in my entire life every single night at work.

usually, it's a variation on the previous record holder, which is usually some public outburst in which someone brazenly uses the N word multiple times.

sometimes, however, it's something actually interesting and not so much awkward/scary/creepy... a carefully laid out get rich quick scheme that fails to take into account the fact that platinum costs money, or relationship advice for the newly married guy that includes the phrase "you fucked your way into this fuckin' mess; just fuck your way the fuck out of it."

there are other good things about having a shitty job; the fact that i don't really think about my shitty job when i'm not there, or the fact that i won't miss it when i get a new job, to name a couple. however, there's also this one really nice thing about working for people that are less qualified to function that you are... you can pretty much do whatever you want and you'll never get fired. when you get offered a management position on your third day, and you haven't really shown any leadership qualities other than a tendancy to be on time, you have absolutely no worries about job security with your present employer. once, just to see what would happen, i brought up an idea i'd been kicking around in my head of getting another job so i could get more hours... the next day, 3 people got fired. i'm not even trying or being a super amazing employee. what a shit-hole.

also, you can pretty much phone it in when you feel like it. having a shitty job is awesome if you have other stuff to do. if i wasn't in school and playing music and working on this new project i'm not really really really talking about, i'd go crazy from boredom at this job but as it stands, it's the best.

i'm looking for a new job, but i'd need $12.50 hourly, night work available, but not really needed, it'd have to be close to my house, and i'd have to be able to listen to music at any volume i desire for the entirety of my shift.

or, i could see myself working as a "pool boy" for a swedish nymphomaniac supermodel who has a father that owns a ferrarri dealership and a mother that's a professional muffin baker.

buy buy
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