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tech for less

how's it going, live journal? it's going alright on my end. i start school tomorrow morning. i have 1 class that meets on monday/wednesday mornings, and 1 that's only on monday nights. for 5 effing hours.

it's going to be a blast.

so yesterday, aaron and i were talking about how i'm looking for a cheap monitor, and he told me about tech for less.com. i checked it out, and holy cripes. they have basically NO selection, but they have amazing deals. $100 for a 19" lcd monitor because it has 3 dead pixels, you say? hell fucking yeah, says i. and they have crazy shit-brand mp3 players for next to nothing, as well.

on to more important topics. my navel has been fascinating me as of late.

tonight, i participated in my first ever D&D game. it was much different than i expected it to be. i thought it was going to be more nerdy, but it was more... well, it was actually fun. like a board game, but there's 1 character that acts as the narrator. anyway, while i was playing, i took notes, and i made a small list of things that would be inappropriate to say while playing D&D. a very hacky, drive time dj, jeff foxworthy way to go about writing jokes, but whatever. on to the funny.

1. "so, um, at what point do we get to start pwning n00bs?"
2. "boy, it sure is a good thing that there are no jews in this game. high five!"
3. "so, when does my character get laid?"
4. "hey, why don't you roll a will check to decide whether or not you're gonna have to shut the fuck up?!"

i think having the right to make d&d jokes would have been worth playing even if i hadn't enjoyed it. ferret's the DM, so it's not as awkward as like just playing with strangers or whatever. and no-one that's playing is like creepy or anything, so it's mostly light-hearted goblin killing and mystery solving and hooker killing. no joke, we can kill hookers in the game. how's that for fun?

it's 2:20am. i'm not particularly tired, but i need to be up by 9ish to be at class by 10:30. leave comments. i'll almost definitely have more jokes tomorrow night. i didn't have any real quality sitting around time today, to speak of. tomorrow i'll have a 3 HOUR class, and several hours between class and band practice, so i'll be sure to come up with something.
buy buy

p.s. what do you call a hairdryer with no power cord? i dunno, but i distrust mexicans!

that's not true, i only distrust mexican'ts.. and even then, it's only because of their culture. i have nothing against them as people, they're just such downers. "we can't do this." and "we can't do that." well, apparently they CAN speak english.

pps. the guy that makes faces for my moods makes a really dumb face for horny. i think that's supposed to be his "o" face.
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