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it's 2:43 in the am...

so i'm going to try to write an entry every single night. we'll see how that goes. i'll basically try out jokes i've been working on over the course of a day, and this way i can get feedback on my work immediately... or at least kinda quickly.

actually, i think i'll just ramble for a minute. i'm having trouble remembering anything i came up with today.

ferret has been in a bad mood lately. it makes me sad to see him sad, but there's not much that can be done about it.

i hung out with aaron earlier tonight. we went and picked up a car for his fiance's brother, and then we went out for sushi... then, we came back here, and sat around and talked to ferret a bit and then austin called and we went to 1048 for a drink.

at 1048, i saw my sister's ex boyfriend. i waved, and he gave me the finger. i'm not sure why. i mean, it's not like i liked the guy, but i never really did anything to make him think i disliked him. well, once i made fun of his tattoos, but anyone would have done the same; he has silly tattoos.

i start school on wednesday. that should be nice. i'll be taking 2 classes, and the semester's over in december. in the spring, i'll take 1 class each half semester, and 2 full semester classes... so i'll take no more than 3 at a time, but i'll knock out 4 classes in a single semester, as if i was going full time.

steve ballmer makes me happy. people make fun of him, but i think he's really quite brilliant. a few days before the iphone launch, he slightly underestimated apple's ability to sell people stupid shit that they don't need for prices they can't afford. he caught a lot of shit for it, but he was right. the all-in-one phone microsoft has been pushing/selling for over a year now(i think it's a motorola of some sort, and it runs some windows portable os) outperforms the iphone in every way except for "cuteness." well, cuteness and the "gotta have it" factor. this begs several questions. why would someone spend so much money on an "internet" phone that A: doesn't have a proper keyboard and B: costs $500?

i can't really debate for either side, because i don't fully understand either side. i'm of the opinion that nothing important will ever be typed with a person's thumbs. texting from a phone is a boat that i never jumped on, and i know it's going to make me sound like an old fart or something, but what ever happened to talking on the phone?

atonal music is antisemitic.

that is all.
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