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hi everybody!

steph told me to write an entry, so i'm gonna. i just woke up, so i'm going to go have a cigarette first.

ferret and i stayed up wednesday night and cleaned the house. i mean, we put a major hurting on the place. i just hope it stays that way long enough for us to get to enjoy it. we even cleaned under the drawers in the kitchen, where we found the expired driver's license of the lady that owns the house, and several expired calling cards... oh, and a lot of dust.

foosball is by far the most humorous thing to get into a shouting match about. it simply is. bowling is a close second, but they air that on "tv"(cable, at 2 in the morning), so it's not as humorous. here, i can prove it, i've got pie charts right here.

camel cigarettes,
they make my body feel good.
shut the fuck up, tom.

dogs do not like you.
they only think you have food.
you are really sad.

that's enough of that.
haikus are pretty lame-o.
i will finish now.

work sucked last night. not sleeping for over 36 hours does not put a person in a good state to close a restaurant. even a shitty restaurant.

i have to be at work in less than 2 hours, and i really don't feel like going. ferret's not going, on account of him being sick. hopefully, james will let me leave early, if i get there early...


i need something to eat.

the onion video news is sometimes hit and miss, but there's a new one... "use of 'n-word' may end pornstar's career." brilliant.

i'm bored this morning, and i have nothing to talk about. sorry.
buy buy
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